En octobre, Sève et songe s’installe…


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En octobre, Sève et songe s’installe…

About The « Fracas des Volcans »

When I arrived in Peyrusse in 2006, I wanted to be helpful in my new department and make available to population all the skills that I acquired in the sound and musical domain. I felt that I needed a structure on which to lean to develop the projetcs. That’s why, with a group of people, we created in January 2008 the association “Le Fracas des Volcans“!

Dominique Miscopein

Recognized as public utility on its registration in the prefecture, this association carries in its statutes an ambitious social project!

In order to :

  • Promote sound creation and composition in the “Massif Central”
  • Consider art as a tool to human and anyone construction
  • Place the sound and musical event in hesritage and environment hearts
  • Enrich the social link in the Cantal

Teaching activities with the “ADMD” (Cantal Musique et Danse) and with the “FAL” (Federation of Lay Associations)


Project “Résonance” with schools



Association Development areas: 

  • Still 2015 on December, creation of situation of development manager
  • New arstistic projects
  • Electronic Music awakening workshops development
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